Our Products & About us

We offer plastic mugs of all sizes and shapes and in different colours like iris sangria, rasin black, royal purple etc. They are cloned using bakelite & other high quality PVC which makes them long lasting, light in weight & easy to use.
They are made through advanced manufacturing process & their finishing is smooth & they can be used for a large number of purpose & they are unaffected by different liquids poured in them.

PVC Sheets

We offer plastic sheets of all sizes and shapes. General purpose and usage of the sheets is for packaging & storing purpose.
Manufacturing process is done using high quality virgin PVC material. Also the manufacturing can be done as per the demand & requirement of the consignee.
Sheets can be both translucent and in opaque design.

Plastic Granules

We at our enterprise deal in plastic Granules (LLDPE/ PPCP/ PP/ etc).
We are trading in granules & provide for industry demand also.
High quality granules are processed as input in manufacturing different products at our factory & different industry standards are used according to the consignee's demand & order requirement.